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Warwick Lizard

One aspect of living within Bermuda's limits is protecting our open land. Yes, it will be more difficult to redevelop the hospital on its current site. But we owe it to our community and the generations to come to expand our open space public lands, rather than to erode them. Hands off the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum.

Jonathan Young

We need a clear, unified goal of what 'sustainable development' is. without it we have the premier throwing the word 'sustainable' in front of every thought in the hopes that people will believe that we are moving forward toward this goal. we are left all agreeing that sustainable development is a good thing and yet few agree on what that good thing is.

let's put it into actions; here are my suggestions:
> when people build without planning permission, they should be fined AND forced to restore the build site to its original condition within six months when they can apply again. This is currently the case in the UK and in parts of the USA and should be a part of our laws
> we should alter the planning laws so that solar panels are not considered an 'eyesore' to be hidden but are supported and encouraged by planning laws
> we should force the acquisition of derelict houses; give the owners a year or two to fix up the house for habitation, rental or sale and offer them below rate loans to do so if they prove they cannot afford renovations

THose are my thoughts. I could be wrong.

The Future

The hospital is very young but not very well maintained. Building a new one will not resolve the root cause of that problem: poor maintenance. In any case, in other jurisdictions a hospital would not need to be rebuilt under these circumstances. Add a wing that can replace the area most needing renovation and suited in size to the largest single area needing renovation. Move the priority area to the new wing - which will be built and ready for use faster than an entire structure and provide the most needed service sooner. Doing this eliminates the capacity concerns and the life safety concerns and reduces the project scope and cost tremendously. And protects open spaces. Renovate the empty area to suit - suspended ceilings and floors can even be removed to accomodate the modern equipment said to be needed but not suited to the current facility. Sequentially create floors with differing ceiling heights - some suited for this new equipment, some suited for people. This will be far, far less expensive while maintaining operating capacity, life safety and the end result is a world class facility. What must be agreed prior to that, or any other plan, is how to maintain it at a world class standard. Otherwise we will only find ourselves in this mess all over again...

The Future

Phasing the development of the hospital over 8-10 years could have many benefits. For example, the critical area(s) can be addressed first. The financing will be much easier to swallow over that time period. Local employment will be sustained longer.

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